Sustainability is at the core of what we do

“Fast fashion is killing our planet.”

Did you know that the average American throws away 82 pounds of textile waste each year? As it’s one of the most highly polluting industries in the world, there needs to be a revolution in fashion. We built Herff Christiansen with this in mind.

We firmly believe that buying less and buying better is the solution, and the best way to make a difference. But what does buying better really mean? Let’s break down our four eco-conscious promises that can make the greatest impact for sustainability in the long term.

No Waste

As no two people are the same, no two garments should be the same either. That’s why we only make custom garments designed with our specific clients in mind. To avoid unnecessary production, we carry absolutely no stock. When everything is made for you, our clients receive a garment that they’ll love and that will fit them perfectly.

Made To Last

We believe in timeless style, as opposed to following the latest trends. That’s why it’s important that our garments stand the test of time. There are several components that go into a product that’s made to last. First off, we exclusively work with the very best mills in the world—ones that share our passion for a greener tomorrow.

By choosing the highest quality raw materials, there is less need to blend our fabrics with artificial additives such as polyamide or nylon. We enhance the natural features of each fiber, or use support from other natural fibers like linen, silk, wool, cotton, or cashmere. Our suppliers produce functional fabrics that are built to endure.

As for assembly, our garments are made in Asia using traditional Italian craftsmanship. We ensure that each and every person in our production facility has a safe and healthy working environment that promotes gender equality and economic development.


We want to give back to the world what we’ve taken from it. That’s why 95% of our fabrics are biodegradable.

Since wool makes up the largest share of our raw material use, the material means a great deal to us. We believe that happy, ethically-treated sheep make the best wool. That is why all of the wool that goes into Herff Christiansen garments are sourced from regions in Australia and Tasmania. Herff Christiansen focuses on wool produced under natural grazing conditions with the highest regard for the animal’s welfare and environment. To learn more about where our wool comes from, please watch this video:

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